New - WFG Life Licensing and Contracting Procedure

Application for Contact and Sponsorship Form

Licensing Contracting Centre Checklist


Great News In our efforts to streamline the business process and achieve a quick turn-around for the processing of Life License applications, WFG LICENSING AND CONTRACTING CENTRE has been created for World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada.


As of April 6th, 2009 all new life license applications MUST be sent directly to:


WFG Licensing and Contracting Centre,

 5000 Yonge Street, 5th Floor

Toronto, ON M2N 7J8.

Attention: WFG Life Contracting Only


Pre-addressed envelopes are available at no cost from the Canadian Distribution Centre on WFG-Online.

Please ensure when submitting new Life License applications that a completed Contracting & Licensing Checklist is included with the application.


We are also happy to announce that applicants from Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia can request the WFG Licensing and Contracting Centre to conduct security clearance for a fee of $35 (payable to World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada).  The request to order security clearance can be made through the revised Application for Contracting or Sponsorship form. This form can be ordered from WFG Online Canadian Distribution Centre.




If you require further information please contact WFG Agent Services.