British Columbia - Resident 

WFG and our sponsor, Transamerica Life Canada, have agreed to accept both Part A Restricted Licenses and Part B Full LLQP licenses.

Forms required for Full LLQP applications:

Fee Schedule

Life, Accident and Sickness Agent Certificate - $225.00

Forms Required for Part A Restricted LLQP License Applications:

All forms and fees required as noted under Full LLQP License Applications, and in addition:

[Please note: This is considered a Probationary Life License.  Supervision is required. Full Life agent must countersign applications, Needs Analysis and Replacement Disclosure Forms.  The agent may only represent the sponsoring company. Single case release letters are required to sell Equitable Life products.  The agent must enroll in Part B within 180 days, and pass the residual examination within 2 years.

To qualify as a Supervisor, you must be a Full Life (Level 2) agent, with (two) 2 years experience at Level 2.  You are required to supervise all the insurance activities of the restricted agent. This includes signing off on every needs analysis and new business application submitted to the insurer (Transamerica Life Canada). Also, you are required to sign off on any replacement disclosure form.]

Contact Information

To follow up on licensing status and/or regulations, please log on to   

Insurance Council of British Columbia Licensing Department:

Tel  (604) 688-0321

Fax (604) 662-7767

Toll-free within BC:  1-877-688-0321