Puerto Rico Licensing Requirements

Life / Health – Resident


For those associates who have:

    Never held a license before

    Never held a Puerto Rico license OR

    Held a Puerto Rican license, BUT more than 1 year has passed since holding a valid one.


Pre – Licensing Requirements



$150.00  Exam and Re- exam fee

$157.00  License fee


Note: Exam fee and License Fee should be made out in separate checks to the Secretario de Hacicenda, and submitted with your application.  Personal checks not accepted.




Note:    The application is valid 90 days from the date signed or notarized.


To Obtain Forms


Contact the WFG insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc or your Marketing Director or also visit the Insurance Commission’s website: http://www.ocs.gobierno.pr




Once application is received and approved, the Commissioner’s Office will send to both WFG Insurance Agency of Puerto Rico, Inc and applicant a letter with the date and time of exam. A Provisional License will be available for all who are interested which will allow applicant to keep that Provisional license only for 90 days (until the date of your exam).


Note: Once the applicant pass the test, the Commissioner Department will take a picture and they will send the license card by mail to the agent. Once the agent receive the license they will have to come to the WFG Insurance Agency office (with the license) to be authorize to sell our agencies products, if you do not pass the exam, no other provisional licenses will be granted.


Exams are held at:

  The Insurance Commissioner’s Office

Condominio Cobian’s Plaza,

Avenida Ponce de Leon 3 1607,

Parada 23,

Santurce, PR  00909.



This page updated 2011-11-28